Interval Timer




Interval Workout Timer


Improve your Fitness, Boxing, Martial arts, Wrestling and Weight Lifting skills




  • Easy operation
  • Preset times allows quick start of a new set
  • Interval mode: work time - T1, rest time - T2, number of intervals - # (59 intervals max)
    • End of T1 is signaled by 3 beeps; end of T2 is signaled by 1 beep; end of all intervals signaled by 3 sets of 3 beeps.
  • Regular mode: use T1 and T2 as a quick preset. Use MY TIME button to store 3 other times.
  • End of countdown signaled by audio, flashing digits and bright RED flashing LED
  • Jumbo size LCD digits (0.73”) for easy reading
  • Start or stop countdown
  • Quickly change minutes or seconds values (Up/Down)


Easy To Use


Interval Mode (Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Endurance, etc.):

1.      Select number of rounds

2.      Select workout time

3.      Select rest time

4.      Press  # and START to begin the workout.


Regular Countdown (Fitness, Weight Lifting, Strength Training, Endurance):

1.      Set T1, T2 or MY TIME buttons

2.      Press START to begin the workout.


Fitness club friendly:

  • Easily adapts to various installation requirements
  • Easy to install security cable mount system
  • Rugged design for years of trouble free club usage
  • Low or no maintenance
  • Personal Trainer Tool
  • Custom private labeling with club logo available
  • Volume discounts available

 Ships with two AA batteries and one foot of mounting cable.






Non-Interval  Operation With Preset Times


 Press Pre-Set   T1 or T2 or MY_TIME according to your workout needs and then press START.


Non-Interval Operation With Custom Time


Press yellow MIN or SEC triangles for more or less time (99 min. max) and press START.


 Non-Interval  - Store Up to 3 Custom Times


Step 1. Press yellow triangles for more or less time (99 min. max)

Step 2. Press Button with MY_TIME to store the custom value

Step 3. Recall the stored value by pressing MY_TIME button



We usually have black or gray color for these timers in stock.  If you want a specific color, let us know, otherwise we'll just send you what we have available. 

Regular Price:  $39.99 
Sale Price:  $34.99!