W1V6 Headgear

Front View

Side View

Top View

This is a great piece of equipment to protect your face while sparring or learning to spar.  This works well for people who don't want black eyes or broken noses.  The headguard was designed with a few things in particular:
1)  A snug "chin pocket" to keep the headgear in place when sparring, as well as for keeping your mouth closed to avoid breaking a jaw.
2)  Super Strong Plexiglass face shield that can take very heavy impact.
3)  Slightly elevated placement for the plexiglass, so that the student has to keep their chin down in order to see properly through the face shield.  This is a great built in tool for the beginner!
4)  Good breatheability as this headgear has an open top, and a number of well placed ventilations in the plexiglass cover. 
5)  Easy on/off velcro system in the back and adjustable drawstring top.

Genuine Leather
Color:  Black/Red
Sizes:  S/M (22" circumference or less) or L/XL (over 22")


Regular Price:  $79.95
Sale Price:  $69.99