The History of Judo



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The History of Judo

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"Today millions of people practice judo all over the world, all because a frail young man named Jigoro Kano. Tired of his schoolmate's bullying, he decided to become an expert in samurai barehanded fighting. Kano started with several jiu-jitsu methods, eliminated the most dangerous aspects, and finally created a complete training system called judo, which soon became compulsory in the Japanese schools. Judo then started to spread in Europe, particularly in France, and then throughout the world, eventually ranking as one of the most popular sports. The History of Judo tells about an amazing human adventure with elements of mystery and legend - sprinkled with the exploits of outstanding champions including the Japanese judoka Daigo, as well as Douillet, Geesink, Okano, Yamashita, Rouge, Nevzerov, Adams, and female athletes such as Berghmans, Deydier, Briggs and Restoux."

1. Introduction [2:15]
2. The Beginnings of Judo [4:26]
3. Spreading the Myth [2:21]
4. Judo Gets Organized [4:58]
5. East Meets West [3:14]
6. Modern Championships [3:28]
7. Traditions and Advancements [3:48]
8. Anton Geesink [4:04]
9. Geesink's Pupil [2:55]
10. Judo Incarnate [3:19]
11. Davide Douillet [3:09]
12. Women Champions [4:42]
13. The Greatest of the Great [6:29]
14. A School of Life [1:57]
15. Credits [:47]