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NEW!  Wing Chun Instructional by Wong Shun Leong 

Wing Chun with Wong Sheung Leung

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"Trained by the late, great Yip Man, and teacher to Bruce Lee, Sifu Wong Shun Leung was considered by many to be the ultimate fighter.  The Wing Chun Kung-fu style became popular with the international film stardom of the late "King of Kung-fu", Bruce Lee. Lee's original martial art training is once again brought to light by Master Wong Shun Leung, Bruce Lee's chief instructor under Grandmaster Yip Man.  Wing Chun has become one of the most sophisticated combat styles in existence by the fact that, somewhat like Western Boxing, it uses Economy of Motion as its basis; however, it exceeds Boxing as a martial art through its utilization of the entire body as a weapon-the legs for blocks, kicks, and trips and the hands for blocks, grabs, throws and strikes. The special combined theories of the human body's division into "Four Gates", the "Centerline" principle, and the "Sticky Hands" method of attack and defense, which follows the subtle flow of an opponent's Kinetic Force, are divulged for the first time on film. The various patterns demonstrated here in their entirety are simple and easy to learn for the beginner. The underlying concepts are far-reaching enough to tantalize even the most proficient of practitioners.